How the Internet Discarded YouTube’s Annual “Rewind” Videos

From 2011, every year by November or December, YouTube puts this year’s most popular video on the platform to celebrate all the great artists and their works uploaded on YouTube. This option was called Rewind that worked as advertising for YouTube. It was a PR move to promote its community.

Everything was going smoothly until 2018, when this year’s video became one of the most disliked videos at that time on the entire platform. It had multiple reasons for that, as some users seemed upset that the “Rewind” featured normal celebrities instead of regular YouTubers. Others were confused that prominent YouTubers were completely left out.

People’s reaction was symbolic of the vast gap between reality and the actual idea of YouTube as a positive platform for self-expression. In reality, YouTube often seems to be a place of hate and evil. In 2019, YouTube tried to avoid unpopular video routes. Instead, it compressed its most popular trends, which also doesn’t seem promising.

Later, in 2020 YouTube finally realized that there was no point in commemorating that year with celebrities` videos. This year it seemed to get the message that there was nothing about the platform promoting this activity. In 2021, YouTube announced that its Rewind videos project was out of the game. It was a smart decision, but this idea will continue to exist in a different form. According to Tubefilter, the platform has concluded that one annual video can not ideally represent the full image of YouTubers` work. Therefore, the platform came up with a new kind of experience that will soon replace the previous one. Maybe YouTube can work on creating a few recap videos for its diverse audiences. All we have to do is to wait for its new updates.

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