ProjectOasis is Launching its ICO. Is OASIS Worth Buying?

ProjectOasis is a virtual universe. The team built it to enable people to socialize and interact with the different decentralized applications and protocols available in the Defi space. According to the company, the Oasis universe will consist of various swaps (AMMs), NFT marketplaces, and launchpads, along with a Participate-to-Earn element where customers are rewarded simply for interacting within the metaverse.

ProjectOasis will launch its token on October 13, 2021. However, the sale will end on October 14, 2021. So, investors will have a short time to acquire these tokens for the ICO price. Furthermore, only 750,000 OASIS tokens will be available for sale at the first stage, which is 5.3571428% of the total supply. The price will be $0.200000 during the initial coin offering, but it will increase over time. The company aims to raise $150,000 with the sale, and it will accept BNB in exchange for OASIS.

OASIS is the native utility token. Thus, investors can use it to participate in the ProjectOasis DAO. Token holders will also be able to trade NFTs on the Oasis in-game marketplace or participate in the Oasis Launchpad.

This project has great potential. The main thing that makes it unique is that this platform caters not just to gamers but to investors as well. The team plans to integrate various Defi Dapps in Oasis along with a P2E model. ProjectOasis is quite ambitious, aiming to become a one-stop center for Defi.

The company will integrate several well-established DEXes for their automated market maker (AMM). Moreover, ProjectOasis plans to add its own launchpad called OLa, along with other launchpads. As a result, users will have multiple options when it comes to new projects. The team will also work to integrate various Borrowing and Lending protocols, along with its own NFT marketplace (AGORA), for customers to trade NFTs freely.

What’s more important, the company will build these features to make them simple enough for customers to use while maintaining a fun and interactive experience. Considering that Defi space often comes with so hard-to-use platforms that many people prefer to avoid them altogether, that’s a great advantage.

In addition, ProjectOasis NFTs are not typical JPEGs. Instead, they are represented in the Oasis universe as character avatars. That means users can perform various tasks to gain rewards from their NFT avatars after the ProjectOasis Participate-to-Earn is up.

The platform will also provide a Play-to-Earn feature integrated into its metaverse. According to the team, there will be two main elements to their Play-to-Earn: The PvP and PvE.

Players will battle each other to rise through the ranks in the PvP. The platform will reward top players on the leaderboard handsomely. Meanwhile, players will be able to earn by killing monsters or completing dungeons in the PvE. They will gain resource NFTs and will be able to trade them on AGORA.

The company announced earlier that it would release a mobile app version in the fourth quarter of 2021. So, we should see this app soon. However, currently, it’s busy launching its token. The maximum supply of OASIS is 14 million. The initial circulating supply of the token will be 1.5 million after the three rounds of IDOs.

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