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Here’s why you should be more concerned about the S&P 500’s small declines

Hold a core bearish position in the stock market. Read More

How much should retirees worry about the price of oil?

The oil-stock correlation is anything but stable over time Read More

5 quality energy stocks with high dividend yields propelled by soaring oil prices

These stocks have dividend yields as high as 5.91%, and the companies never cut dividends after oil prices began their long decline in 2014. Read More

Stock investors want companies on board with ESG — but principles have a price

Corporations are ill-equipped to resolve public policy and political division. Read More

Why this ETF of ‘sin’ stocks is likely to reward investors with saintly results

A proposed fund focuses on betting, alcohol and drug (B.A.D.) companies. Read More

How to beat inflation: Favor stocks of companies that have the luxury of pricing power — but whose costs aren’t rising

Investors and analysts recommend shares of Comcast, Air Lease and Matson, among others. Read More

These quality dividend stocks can keep you ahead of inflation in 2022

Bill McMahon, chief investment officer at Charles Schwab Asset Management, favors consumer discretionary stocks that pay dividends and own beloved brands. Read More

Space and crypto represent the next investing wave, replacing electric-vehicle companies

Expect a shakeout in the EV market. Meanwhile, the nascent space and crypto/blockchain industries are just getting started. Read More

This investor crushes his fund’s benchmark with these 10 stocks

Neal Kaufman at the Baron Health Care Fund seeks out companies with durable advantages and recurring revenue. Read More

Here’s when your financial planner’s advice needs a second opinion

A major life change is a good moment for an independent review. Read More

Beating the market would still be tough even if you knew the S&P 500’s earnings before everyone else

The stock market can still decline when the economy and corporate profits are growing. Read More

Here’s how you can fight confirmation bias and become a better investor

Only a relative few actively seek out opposing views that challenge their ideas. You should aim to be one of them. Read More

These fund managers have found the key to winning ‘quality’ stocks — and these are the ones they own

The Lazard International Quality Growth Fund has been a stellar performer for investors who want to diversify outside the U.S. Read More

A California investment firm’s turnaround may offer solutions to the ‘Great Resignation’

WCM Investment Management, based in Laguna Beach, California, almost went out of business a decade ago due to a string of bad stock picks. Here’s how it lived to fight another day. Read More

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