Personal Finance Daily: How America’s 1% build their wealth and Colin Powell’s death shows why we need herd immunity against COVID-19

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Colombian man sentenced to prison after being caught driving ‘narco submarine’ full of cocaine — for the second time

Coast Guard officers found over 4,000 pounds of cocaine worth $35 million aboard the submersible after a dangerous encounter at sea, prosecutors say. Read More

Colin Powell’s death after a ‘breakthrough’ case of COVID-19 is already being used by anti-vaxxers

The vaccine reduces the likelihood of hospitalization and death should you contract the virus, studies show, and it also reduces the chances of you passing COVID-19 onto a more vulnerable friend or relative. Read More

Colin Powell’s death is a reminder that we desperately need herd immunity against COVID-19

‘The best chance we’ve got to help people with cancer and autoimmune diseases is for the rest of us to be fully vaccinated.’ Read More

How America’s 1% build their wealth

Democratic lawmakers keep wrangling over the contents and price tag of a social safety-net package that would be funded by tax hikes on wealthy taxpayers. Read More

19 states offered million-dollar lotteries to increase COVID vaccination rates — this research says they didn’t work

There was ‘no statistically significant association’ between a cash-drawing announcement and the number of vaccinations, JAMA study suggests. Read More

My brother’s soon-to-be ex-wife is embezzling money from their business. How do we find hidden accounts?

‘It has been a long effort to negotiate a settlement agreement, but his estranged wife keeps asking for more.’ Read More

‘The industry has been in denial’: As hotels recover from the pandemic, they’re planning how to compete with another threat — Airbnb

‘Typically the hospitality industry is the first to go down during an economic downturn, but is the strongest to come back.’ Read More

Home builders grow more confident in spite of continued supply-chain headaches

Home price increases are creating affordability concerns across the industry. Read More

New car loans are easier to get now than cars

Finding a car may be harder than in recent memory, but shoppers who do line up a new vehicle are more likely to qualify for a loan. Read More

This is what travelers are most worried about

Overcrowding, travel restrictions, unruly passengers—all of these things can upset travel plans. A recent survey found what concerns travelers the most. Read More

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