Personal Finance Daily: Why that ‘free’ supermarket turkey isn’t really free and how this 58-year-old single mom switched careers during the pandemic — and got a pay raise, too

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Why that ‘free’ supermarket turkey isn’t really free

In this year of turkey inflation, food retailers and cellphone companies are rolling out promotions to bag a free bird. But consumers should shop carefully. Read More

McKinsey investment arm hit with $18 million fine for trading in companies about which it had inside info from its consulting business

The SEC said those making investments for McKinsey employees had confidential info on upcoming bankruptcy filings, mergers and financial results. Read More

Are you a financial cheater? Over 40% of Americans say they’ve deceived their partners about money

This ‘tremendous strain’ on relationships is a common one — but it doesn’t have to be. Read More

Weekend reads: After bitcoin’s awful week, where will it go next?

Also, cybersecurity and semiconductor stock picks, and an interview with ARK Invest CEO on crypto, Ford, GM and the bull market. Read More

My husband and I have been happily married for over 30 years. Am I foolish or selfish for wanting to quit my job?

‘Because I carry our health-insurance benefits at my job, I feel trapped.’ Read More

‘I’m still in disbelief.’ How this 58-year-old single mom switched careers during the pandemic — and got a pay raise, too

‘If you want to model perseverance to kids, you’ve got to model perseverance in your job search.’ Read More

Arby’s has the meats — and, now, the vodkas

The fast-food chain, known for its lighthearted approach, is rolling out fry-flavored vodkas. But do the bottles deliver on their savory promise? Read More

This is why your deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey could explode and send you to the emergency room

Frozen turkeys and hot oil are a dangerous combination. Read More

If employers really want to hire the best worker for a job, they’d follow these 4 basic rules

The solution for hiring managers? Enhance your GQ — gender intelligence — and create transparency and accountability in employment processes. Read More

The 2022 BMW i4 vs. 2022 Polestar 2—which is better?

Check out the two newest additions to the sport luxury EV world. Both offer loads of power and usable range. Read More

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