What is Lazy Lions NFT and How Do I Get It?

What is Lazy Lions NFT and How Do I Get It?

The non fungible tokens NFTs Lazy Lions have taken the crypto world by storm in 2021. Lazy Lions NFT is one such project that is expected to join the biggest players in the NFT space.

Launch during the lockdown in Sydney, Australia, and selling out five hours after launch, made Lazy Lions become an exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind lions. The project is supported by a massive online community, with each non-fungible token available for sale and purchase on the OpenSea online marketplace.

What are Lazy Lion NFTs?

The Lazy Lions NFT represents a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs with over 160 different traits like eyes, mane, clothes, headgear, expression, etc. It is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, becoming increasingly popular as a premier NFT among NFT enthusiasts. Before long, the Lazy Lions joined the ranks of major NFT collections such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The initial sale generated approximately $1.5 million, with the most valuable Lazy Lion NFTs selling for $50,000. As a community-driven project, the primary goal of Lazy Lions is to empower people to enter and thrive in the NFT space.

The efforts made to reach this goal are reflected in the team’s willingness to organize events to give back to the community. The most expensive Lazy Lion sold for nearly $350,000 (99 ETH) on October 11th, 2021.

The Lazy Lion NFT Market


Lazy Lions is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create a secure public community for a huge range of digital files, including artwork, with purchases made using ETH crypto.

Among the token collection is an exclusive group of highly desirable rarities, with the most expensive example to date trading for over US$50,000. Another area where Lazy Lions has done very well is Twitter Engagement, with the project receiving over 90 million impressions in the past week.

Interestingly, the evolving roadmap of the Lazy Lions NFT emphasizes its online community, with a wide range of exclusive offers and features for token holders.

The team behind Lazy Lions

The Lazy Lions are the brainchild of four Aussie friends from Sydney, who were trying their hand at the NFT market during the lockdown.

It was launched on August 7th 2021, inspired by the cultural background of the founders, with the lion representing the royal power of Assyrian society. Apart from their culture, lions also have worldwide artistic appeal as they are the kings of the jungle.

Lazy Lions Community


The founders of Lazy Lions introduced it as a community project, and so far the developers have put great effort into maintaining and growing the network. According to one of the creators, “for us, the project is the community, and the community is the project”. With such dedication, it’s no surprise that they have nearly 150,000 members on their Discord servers and over 80,000 Twitter followers. You’ll find their developers constantly interacting with the community, resulting in Twitter engagement exceeding 100 million weekly impressions.

You’d be surprised to find that cryptocurrency enthusiasts aren’t the only ones giving in to the Lazy Lions madness. Starting with Jake Paul, who bought ten lions, which jumped the floor price to 1 ETH, many celebrities and NBA players have shown interest in this NFT pfp project. Entrepreneurs like Hiten Shah, and basketball legends like Seth Curry and Tyrese Haliburton have also actively jumped on the Lazy Lions bandwagon.

Lazy Lions NFT Price and Stats


Over the past seven days, NFT Lazy Lions have been sold up to 2025 times. The total sales volume of these transactions reached $9.44 million. So, the average price of a Lazy Lions NFT was $4,660. Supporters and holders say the NFT has an NFT community for the kings.

Lazy Lions represents a collection of 10,000 distinct NFT Lions, described as unique digital collectables that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Lazy Lion is programmatically generated from over 160 possible traits. Thus, it is unique and worth its price.

Lazy Lions Private Island is a highly secure top-secret location. The developers say the island is only open to VIP members of the community. The island is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Since each Lion is generated from over 160 possible traits, its rarity is guaranteed.

Lazy Lions NFT Stats:

Floor price: 1.45 ETH

Total Volume: 25.8K ETH

Highest Sale: $350K

Owners: 5,000

Collection size: 10,000 unique lions

Discord: 146,200 members

Shortly after the collection’s launch, the average selling price rose sharply, boosted by various high-profile names joining the Lazy Lions community.

Artist Ja Rule joined the community in early September, followed by YouTube celebrity Jake Paul and NBA star Tyrese Haliburton.

All of these factors pushed the floor price all the way up to 3.67 ETH on October 1st, 2021. It marked an all-time high of the project. Since October, the floor price of Lazy Lions has gradually declined as NFTs entered the bear market.

But, the price floor held at 1 ETH (an all-time low in December) and has been slowly recovering since January.

How to buy and sell NFT Lazy Lions?

Although OpenSea is currently the largest marketplace for NFTs, you can save yourself some fees by trading on marketplaces like LooksRare and Rarible. First, you ought to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to your chosen marketplace. We recommend using MetaMask wallet as it is the most popular and safest digital wallet. You can refine the search results using different filters to find the most suitable NFT for you in the marketplace.

Lazy Lions NFT Partners

Lazy Lions has partnered with prominent names in the crypto space, further increasing their value as an investable asset. Let’s take a look at these partners:


Founded in June 2012, Coinbase is the perfect platform for investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Using Coinbase to buy cryptocurrencies is as easy as buying something through an online brokerage service supporting many cryptocurrencies.


The polygon is a decentralized Tier 2 scaling platform for Ethereum that brings Web3 to everyone. Polygon makes it simple for developers to build scalable, user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees and high industry security. The polygon is proud to be produced by developers for developers. Over 7000 digital applications have used Polygon to improve their performance.

Chain link

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Chainlink is a decentralized blockchain oracle network. It ensures the tamper-proof transfer of data from off-chain smart contracts to the on-chain.

Why Should You Own a Lazy Lion?

The Lazy Lions NFT project is one of the best examples of success through building a strong community and giving back. Members call each other Kings and Queens, with a sense of equality and inclusion. The developers have also created a community fund to improve the member experience and support future developments. The additional benefits you get as a Lazy Lion holder are:

1.   Roarwards program


Roarwards is one of the reasons the Lazy Lion program became so popular in its early days. Every Lazy Lion holder could earn an Ethereum reward based on their community involvement in the project.

The Lazy Lions team sets various monthly tasks for holders to qualify for prizes. If you want to register, all you have to do is connect your Ethereum wallet and connect to your Discord or Twitter.

Instead of paying celebrities or influencers to do marketing for the project, the team decided to go with community marketing and reward community members.

This approach has garnered a lot of positive feedback from the community, which sets it apart from other projects that rarely do the community a favour.

2. Lazy lion Bungalows


In September 2021, the Lazy Lions team launched the Bungalow App, which gave Lazy Lions holders a Bungalow on Lazy Lions Private Island to display their digital assets.

Owners can use these Bungalows as a banner image for their Twitter handle and show off their Lazy Lions and NFTs from other collections. 9,600 unique Bungalows are randomly generated by mixing 100 unique characteristics.

The App Bungalows opens a new path for their developments in the metaverse. It shows how the team is dedicated to bringing innovations.

3. Lazy Lions Collectibles


After the success of Lazy Lions NFT, the developers launched the Lazy Lions Collectibles project to allow newcomers to NFTs to become part of the community. The new collection did not require users to put money out of pocket. Instead, they distributed it based on community participation.

4. A private island in the sandbox metaverse


Using developer funds, the Lazy Lions team invested in The Sandbox LAND, creating an exclusive island within the metaverse. Holders can access the private island to experience a virtual world, and later will be used to explore all the possibilities of Lazy Lions in Web3.

What drives the rapid growth of Lazy Lions NFT?

An integral part that can guarantee the success of the project is its portfolio’s strong distribution. Currently, there are over 4,000 owners claiming ownership of the Lazy Lions NFT. This distribution is seen as a strong indicator of continued growth in the future.

Additionally, most owners are actively participating in the NFT space for the first time. Lazy Lions founder Ashur said:

“It’s an exciting time to enter the NFT space. We firmly believe that this is just the beginning of a major evolution that will impact all of society in the future. We have a lot of respect for existing players in the region, like the Bored Apes and CryptoPunks. But this third place is really up for grabs, and we’re working hard to make this place ours.

“In our first month, these efforts have focused on building our community, especially through Discord and Twitter. For us, the project is the community, and the community represents the project.

Entrusting the project to the owners from the start is the own and relevant conception of each Lion. Each of these digital pets was randomly generated from over 160 unique traits, including clothing mane expressions and much more.

When it comes to digital art NFTs, many generative pfp collections are also gaining popularity, such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The future of Lazy Lions NFT


Since its release, Lazy Lions has seen a steady increase in sales, community membership, and online engagement.

Lazy Lions has a well-established community willing to get their hands on these vibrant premium NFTs to trade and collect. The “play-to-earn” type games are an additional source of income for the holders.

Thus, the developers have announced that they will only release an ERC-20 token for a “play-to-earn” game if there is solid utility. The Lazy Lions Collection represents one of the most lucrative NFT projects still actively traded months after its launch.

With a well-defined track record, a good community, and great rewards for holders, Lazy Lions are the perfect pfp NFTs you can add to your collection.

Profile picture NFTs are an ongoing trend in this growing NFT space, and most of the credit goes to CryptoPunks – the forerunner of the NFT space.

Popular social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are working on verifying pfp NFTs and allowing them to be used as profile pictures.

These developments indicate that pfp collectibles like the Lazy Lions will continue to increase in number and sales volume. With the development of the metaverse coming to an end, projects like Lazy Lions may gain popularity in the virtual world, where you can show off your NFTs as your avatar.

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