XETA and DXCHECK tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that?

XETA and DXCHECK tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that? 


XANA is an exciting EVM-based blockchain infrastructure. The team custom-built it for the Metaverse. This platform is compatible with all popular wallets, as well as bridged with all major blockchains. The major institutions and global brands have already adopted it.

This platform offers blazing speed, along with impressively low cost and superior features optimized for users wanting to build the Metaverse ecosystem. XANA Metaverse app is also the universal device-ready Metaverse platform, consisting of Lands, Avatars, Worlds, robust SNS functions, various NFT items, and unlimited Games. It empowers and connects creators and users on its Build to Earn and Create to Earn ecosystem.

Moreover, the XANA blockchain and Metaverse have a symbiotic relationship. This chain works remarkably well with the XANA Metaverse. Users will be able to seamlessly integrate onto the XANA Metaverse any digital asset like tokens or NFTs launched on the XANA blockchain and vice versa. They can do the same with the Dapps launched on the XANA blockchain.

The team wants to provide the fully immersive decentralized Metaverse infrastructures for billions of Defi users. Besides, it will enable them to connect and create a fully decentralized ecosystem beyond any boundaries. This entirely user-generated platform will offer fascinating virtual experiences owned and built by users.

Thanks to cryptos and digital currencies, decentralization has already begun in the financial world. Thus, the Metaverse should be the next destination as a visual communication space where people want to be decentralized, without any central authority or boundaries.

As the world becomes more connected, so too will various Metaverses. The XANA team wants to tear down the barriers between these digital worlds and create a space where all users can interact with one another, regardless of their location or background.


What about the XANA platform’s features? 

The company offers various interesting features, such as the XANA chain – the blockchain network that realizes smooth infrastructure for the Metaverse; NFT Marketplace – XANALIA, which is the primary NFT Marketplace of XANA for trading various NFT assets; XANA Metaverse app – universal device-ready Metaverse app optimized for smartphones; Tokens – the eco-stream for this entire Metaverse ecosystem.

Moreover, the team is working on GameFi. NFTDuel will become the first native GameFi in XANA Metaverse. It will turn various major NFTs into NFT-based trading card games. The company will also launch a mobile app. Customers will be able to use it as the wallet in the Metaverse. There will be the builder for the Avatar, World, and Games, which will enable to build anything in Metaverse with no coding knowledge required from users.

The developers plan to add more exciting features in the future. Even though XANA is relatively new on the market, major institutions have trusted and adopted it worldwide. Among them are the Tokyo Olympic museum, the Award show in Milan Fashion Week, and several local Japanese governments.

Currently, numerous Japanese Anime studios are working with this company, including Rooster Fighter, ULTRAMAN, and Astro Boy. In addition, the team matched XANA’s Avatars and World design to popular IPs.


XANA’s native token XETA is very high-ranked

XANA has its side chain on Ethereum. The team has specifically made it for the Metaverse infrastructure. As a result, the platform can perform speedy transactions with minimal transaction fees. The company designed it to be highly scalable to accommodate a vast Metaverse.

Most Metaverses use generalized, slow, and expensive blockchains. However, XANA Chain is specialized in the Metaverse. And there’s an additional benefit. Users can still access most of the general EVM blockchain like Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon from the XANA chain.

In fact, this project is way ahead when it comes to Metaverse GameFi. The team has already developed a GameFi platform with a play-to-earn mechanism on top of the XANA Metaverse. It is an NFT-based card game called NFTDuel. The company is creating its Metaverse to develop more NFT-based GameFi platforms.  

Moreover, it created the native utility token $XETA specifically for this project. It’s the primary token of the XANA ecosystem: the layer-1, NFT ecosystem, metaverse, and native GameFi. The token economy includes staking, liquidity incentives, locks, buybacks, and burns. The company plans to launch the initial coin offering on May 29, 2022. The sale will end on May 31, 2022.


DexCheck introduced another trending token 

DexCheck is a high-potential project that offers users real-time Defi/NFT analytics and insights ahead of the game. It will enable users to learn their way around trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Customers will make a decision based on knowledge, thanks to the DexCheck.

The company plans to release its hot native utility token DXCHECK on June 20, 2022. The sale will end on June 25, 2022. 833,333 DXCHECK will be available for purchase for the price of $0.120000. It will accept USDT in exchange.



DexCheck Platform will provide many interesting features. For example, it will offer a Chain Board, which will provide users access to cognitive intelligence feed on-network data metrics of the top-tier blockchains. There will also be NFT Board that will empower customers to explore and track trending NFTs with real-time trading volumes. Traders will evaluate NFTs for their trend analysis, historical charts and previous transactions history.


What other benefits does this platform offer?

DexSwap will enable users to trade on several DEXs with the most suitable rate and get favourable results each time. The platform will also provide real-time charts. The latter will permit users to track the performance of their favourite coins, as well as get history and other relevant data in a visually aesthetic and organized manner. There is a New Tokens feature, which showcases the newly listed tokens on different DEXs. That will enable users to find the real hidden gems while avoiding Ponzi schemes. On the other hand, the Big Trades feature will give the users the opportunity to keep themselves updated about a whale buy or sell. Thus, investors will be able to stay ahead of the game.

Users can track, manage, copy, and save the most profitable wallets all in one place. Thanks to DexTAX, they can also take care of their crypto taxes and ensure a hassle-free crypto experience. Overall, this platform has a lot to recommend it.




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