Plant vs Undead NFT Game – Get to know all the essentials

As a big NFT enthusiast, have you asked yourself what the plant vs garden NFT comparison means and where the buzz about it has come from lately? Why does it seem like the entire community has become obsessed with this?

The so-called play-to-earn games have gained great popularity in the last few years. They combine entertainment with many ways for players to earn money from playing them, representing a completely new approach to generating money.

Through the games, by monetizing time, players are able to mine item awards from games and then trade them in the NFT marketplace, and they can take ownership of numerous in-game assets. Gamers and NFT enthusiasts must have enjoyed playing, or at least heard of, some of the very popular play-to-earn games such as Gala Games and Axie Infinity.

However, one of the most popular ones that have brought a lot of attention is the Plant vs Undead NFT game. It’s something that no serious NFT lover wants to miss out on for a number of reasons! Well, let’s see what it’s all about!

What is the Plant vs Undead NFT game all about?

Plant vs Undead NFT represents a free, multiplayer tower defense play-to-earn game available on Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. In this game, players must devise a good strategic plan to eliminate undead monsters from occupying their NFT garden in every wave.

The Plant vs Undead NFT game was inspired by the famous tower game Plant vs Zombies, an old-school video game that many generations adored playing. The main goal of the creators was to create comparable gameplay with NFTs on Binance Smart Chain technology which will secure all transaction data via Blockchain.

As a spin-off version of famous gaming, these creators expect that the plants vs undead NFT game will bring more attention to the sphere of crypto games in general than other NFT games with more complex concepts would do so.

How to play the Plant vs Undead NFT game?


If you have been wondering how to play plants vs undead NFT game, in this game, each player starts with one Mother Tree and five plants, which are able to farm and generate Light Energy.

Players can exchange the Light Energy for the so-called PVU tokens, which can be used for the following:

Planting seeds
Growing more trees
Trade these tokens on the PVU NFT marketplace to earn profits.

Two types of in-game currencies

In the enchanting world of the Plant vs Undead NFT game, we can spot two different types of in-game currencies:

PVU Tokens
Light Energy Tokens (LE).

So, let’s learn more about these famous game currencies, shall we?

PVU Tokens

PVU Tokens represent the official in-game currency under the Binance Smart Chain. Players could swap PVU tokens via the Pancake Swap platform with USD or exchange them for Light Energy (LE). The token could be used in any in-game transaction.

Usually, the PVU token is used for trading in-game NFT assets and can be transferred between players in a private chat room. For instance, the exchange rate is under platform requirements 1 PVU Tokens equals 10 Light Energy (LE).

Light Energy token (LE)

The Light Energy (LE) token is only used in the game as a resource. Light Energy tokens, which differ from the PVU tokens, are not able to be exchanged for USD. However, players are able to collect Light Energy tokens so that they can exchange them for the PVU tokens instead of a particular exchange.

These tokens could be used to obtain equipment and tools for growing your precious garden in one of the most frequent play-to-earn approaches in the Plant vs Undead NFT game, the Farming Mode. You could get various items from pots, water, plant seeds such as Sunflower Sapling or Sunflower Mama, and a scarecrow.

Keep in mind that, as a special reward, gamers could farm and harvest Light Energy Tokens, exchange them for more usable PVU TOkens, and ultimately exchange them for USD to raise their money.

How to earn money in the Plant vs Undead NFT game?


According to numerous Plant vs Undead review examples on the internet, this game is currently one of the most popular worldwide, attracting numerous enthusiasts to earn money while playing.

However, those who are still wondering how to earn money from the NFT Plant vs Undead game should know that there are two game modes where players are able to earn a lot of money from playing them:

Survival mode
Farming mode.

1.   Survival mode

In the Survival mode, it’s quite like other tower defense games. Every player is required to plant trees strategically in their gardens and then position tactics to defend Mother Tree from numerous waves of undead monsters.

In case players manage to survive every wave, they will be able to collect their PVU Tokens as rewards. With these PVU tokens, players can purchase NFT Plants later on. There is a wide range of NFT plants that players could buy.

They vary in rarities such as Rare, Mythics, and Uncommon, or Elements such as Metal, Ice, Parasite, etc. Besides all that, these NFT plants have numerous hidden abilities and skills, such as the ability to expedite additional Light Energy tokens in less time

All these hidden skills could be very beneficial to clear the way for players to capture more income for themselves.

2.   Farming mode

Regarding the Farming mode, it’s essential to remember that the Plant vs Undead NFT game allows you a great chance to become a gardener yourself. Every player gets a personal land plot for harvesting Light Energy as a yield and growing crops.

The Light Energy (LE) resources could be collected and traded as the famous PVU Tokens or to purchase random seeds for growing and winning a lottery, which is the well-known NFT plant! Besides random seeds, these fantastic NFT ščants could also be obtained by luck from a daily quest such as watering the World Tree.

Trading NFT plants in the Marketplace generally represents another great way of raising money from the Plant vs Undead NFT game!

Is it necessary to invest in the Plant vs Undead NFT game?


When it comes to the NFT game plants vs undead, one main question is whether it’s necessary to invest in this play-to-earn game or not. In order to enter the farming mode in the Plant vs Undead NFT game, you need at least 5 PVU tokens as an initial investment to acquire a farmer starter kit which includes:

Seeds such as Sunflower Sapling and Sunflower Mama
Small pot
Scarecrow for harvesting LE tokens

Players who have invested 5 PVU tokens would flourish with the possibility of receiving an NFT plant by either:

Buying a famous Sun Box in order to engage in a lottery by utilizing LE resources
Redeeming an epic NFT plant that includes 100 Sunflower Saplings.

In order to accumulate LE successfully, it is recommended to grow either Sunflower Mama and Sunflower Sapling. These are the well-known low-cost plants.

Last update of the Plant Vs Undead NFT game

The last update of this popular play-to-earn game, a 2.5 version of Plant VS Undead, has altered the conversion condition of PVU to LE. It indicates that only players with more than 1-2 land plots and NFT plants are able to transact the exchange. So, the recent Plant VS Undead NFT patch version puts low-budget players into hot water!

What should players know about the Plant vs Undead NFT game?


If you are eager to play this amazing Plant vs Undead NFT game, you should be aware of a few very important things. Once you’ve entered the area of Plant vs Undead, you need to stay up to date on platform-related news to learn new tricks and knowledge.

Besides that, it’s essential to keep informed about any potential changes in the conditions of the game, from the daily quest to the requirement of token conversion. For any additional information regarding the game, it’s recommended to visit either platform’s official website, discord, blog, or Facebook page.

Also, keep in mind that several bugs and game lag could also be experienced while playing the game, even though a great majority of gardens in the Plant vs Undead NFT game are overwhelming. The farming mode could also easily be corrupted, making both cultivating and harvesting unsuccessful from time to time.


The Plant vs Undead NFT game is another great example of a play-to-earn crypto game where all players are able to earn huge profits. It has generated a lot of buzz among NFT enthusiasts who adore this type of earning money through entertaining themselves. There is almost no better, more fun, and unique way to earn your non-fungible tokens than playing a very interesting game such as this one.

However, in order to get deep knowledge and understanding of the platform and its requirements, players mustn’t lose out on any changes in the game. Also, it’s up to newer game patches to arrive to address all the potential difficulties in the future.

Until then, for all those enthusiasts who want to earn while playing games, the Plant vs Undead NFT game is, perhaps, one of the best choices so far! It’s something that no serious gamer and NFT lover would want to miss! Good luck with making your path to steady earnings!

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